Association of Development
Finance Institutions of Malaysia

Enabling Synergy, Unleashing Value

To inspire, connect and drive key Government’s aspirations towards economic growth.


The governance structure of the Association is as follows:

  • General Assembly


The highest body that meets every two years to elect the office bearers of the Association and passes upon organizational matters.

ADFIM Council


The governing body that passes upon policy matters. It is composed of not more than 30 duly elected voting members of the Association that elect from among them the Chairman, three Vice-Chairman and the Treasurer. The Secretary General is an ex-officio member of the Board.

Governance Projects

Corporate Governance

What is ADFIM’s Corporate Governance Project?


ADFIM’s Corporate Governance Project is the Association’s response to the growing need of its member organizations in Malaysia for their implementation of good corporate governance policies and practices in their respective institutions by learning from experiences of co-members as well as from those in other parts of the world.


The project is being supported by the Bank Negara Malaysia, Polis Diraja Malaysia, Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers, Asian Banking School and various other agencies.

Who are the main beneficiaries of the project?


The main beneficiaries are ADFIM’s 17 member organizations located across the country spread across Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. Other similar development-minded financial institutions also benefit by being invited to participate in the various training events and other activities under the project.

Governance Projects

Environmental Governance

The issue of environmental governance has been and will always be in the forefront of ADFIM’s activities. ADFIM’s ‘Greening of DFIs‘ Project is its collective and responsive effort to pursue sustainable development through its adherence to the principles of a safe and clean environment, not only as part of good corporate citizenship, but more importantly, as an integral part of sound business practice.


ADFIM’s member organizations have embraced this concept and is currently pursuing the prime objective of environmental governance. ADFIM will continue to work with other NGOs to elucidate and promote Green Awareness among member organizations.

Other Projects and Initiatives

  • Global Citizenship
  • SMEs

The CSR and outreach unit of the Association of Development Finance Institutions of Malaysia (ADFIM), the focal point of currently 17 member-institutions in Malaysia engaged in the financing of sustainable development in the region.


The CSR Committee capitalizes and builds on the many years of ADFIM’s experience, network and partnerships in the area of financing sustainable development initiatives, more specifically, in relation to environmental, governance and social (ESG) issues.

Clients of ADFIM’s member organizations are 90% SMEs and since the needs of the SMEs are paramount in the development of the country, ADFIM engages with various SME Associations for dialogues and feedback. ADFIM actively seeks surveys and policy ideas from industry players to create a sustainable and conducive business environment.

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