The Association of Development Finance Institutions Malaysia (ADFIM) or Persatuan Institusi Kewangan Pembangunan was established 38 years ago on the 12th of January 1981.

Currently, ADFIM stands with a membership of 17 organizations of which 12 are Development Finance Institutions while 5 are Entrepreneur Development Organization. Altogether, these organizations manage assets worth over RM200 billion and have a workforce of over 30,000. As such, ADFIM plays an important role in the landscape of national economic development.

The objective of ADFIM is to promote the strengthening of institutional structure and good practices in the development finance and banking industry in Malaysia. In accordance with this objective, each member carries a great responsibility in line with their existing mandate. Generally, ADFIM members are responsible for implementing the mandate given by the government to develop businesses from the identified economic sectors and at the same time achieving the country’s socio-economic goals.

In addition, ADFIM is also charged with the mandate to enhance knowledge, expertise and effectiveness in all aspects including development and research funding among its members.